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Jetts Clubs In Adelaide Switch To Zap Fitness

Jetts Adelaide switch to Zap Fitness

April 7, 2018

Wondering what happened to the Jetts gyms in Adelaide? Find out about the transition to the Zap Fitness brand.


Many of you may be wondering what happened to the Jetts gyms in Adelaide. Jetts previously operated around 20 clubs across South Australia. As of the 4th April 2018, all 19 clubs in Adelaide and the surrounding area converted across to Zap Fitness. The Mount Gambier club remains the only Jetts gym in South Australia.

Zap Fitness was acquired by the Fitness and Lifestyle Group in January 2018. This means that the Fitness and Lifestyle Group now owns Goodlife Health Clubs, Fitness First Australia, Jetts and Zap Fitness.

There doesn’t seem to be any communication regarding the changes on the website of either brand so the reason for the change isn’t clear. If you have questions about the change and what it means, I’d encourage you to contact your local Jetts or Zap Fitness club.