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8 locations in Australia
Pricing starts at less than $12 per week

The Fit n Fast brand currently has 9 gyms across NSW and QLD (majority in NSW). Most clubs have 24/7 access with the aim to move all clubs to these opening hours in the future. They specialize in 30 minute ‘Quickie’ classes designed for people with limited time. These classes are instructor-led and use dynamic equipment including sleds, monkey bars, battle ropes and other bodyweight exercises. Virtual classes are available 24/7 at relevant clubs.

Fit n Fast provides high intensity, instructor led functional classes called QMAX. They are designed to improve strength, aid weight loss, boost stamina and increase fitness and athletic performance.

Another service offered at some clubs is the YogaBar which delivers yoga, pilates, meditation and reformer classes for members.

Fit n Fast used to operate many more locations before Viva Leisure acquired 13 clubs in early 2020. Clubs located In Victoria and ACT were rebranded as Club Lime. NSW clubs remained as Fit n Fast. You can read more about the change here.

Opening Hours

Most clubs have 24/7 access for training purposes but you need to check staffed hours if you require support.

Membership and Pricing Guide

Fit n Fast provides a number of memberships including contract and no-commitment options. Costs vary by club so please ensure you confirm with your local club before you join. Options available include:

  • A basic option with no access to classes is available at some clubs and is the cheapest entry point. Prices typically start as low as $10 per week.
  • Full membership includes unlimited access to classes and the ability to bring a friend for free at participating clubs. There are contracted and no-commitment options for this membership type. Prices typically range from $14-$30 per week.

An Access Card fee of $59 is payable when you first join. Depending on the club and membership level, there may also be a joining fee.

Memberships come with a 30 day cancellation period which entitles you to a refund except for the Access Card fee.

Fit n Fast allows 14-17 year-olds to join but a parent or guardian needs to sign the membership agreement. You will also need to contact the club directly to join as you cannot join online if you’re under 18 years of age.

Great For People Who…

  • Have limited time to train around work or family commitments
  • Want focussed, high intensity training in a group class environment
  • Want to bring a friend to train with for free

Individual Cardio Training

A variety of cardio equipment is available for individual and group training

Individual Weight Training

Free and machine weights are available for individual training

Functional Training

Functional training zones, equipment and classes (QMAX) are provided

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are available with a variety of specialisations

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are available at locations with a YogaBar. Check your local club

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are available at locations with a YogaBar. Check your local club

H.I.I.T. Classes

HIIT classes are provided as part of QMAX

24/7 Access

Most classes have 24/7 access for members

Shower Facilities

Shower and change facilities are provided

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