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Gym Membership Costs

How much does it cost to join a gym in Australia?

Great 'deals' and flashy marketing campaigns often entice people to join, but if the gym doesn't provide what you need, it will be a waste of money no matter how cheap it is. This article helps you maximise the value from your gym investment. It also provides a summary table with pricing of entry level memberships with each of the major gyms in Australia including start-up costs.


The cost of a gym membership can vary quite a bit (see table of membership costs below). There are plenty of cheap, no-frills gyms around as well as more expensive ‘health clubs’. But choosing the right one for you usually doesn’t come down to the lowest price.

A cheap gym membership ‘deal’ is still a waste of money if you don’t end up reaching your fitness goals. Before looking at cost, you should consider the following:

  • Is the gym conveniently located? The further away the gym, the less likely you are to keep going
  • Is the gym open when you want to train? Your gym needs to fit in with your lifestyle, not the other way around
  • Does the gym have what you need to achieve your fitness goals? Make sure you set yourself up for success
  • Do the people that train at the gym have similar fitness goals to you? You need to feel comfortable in the gym environment before you commit long term
  • Do you know anybody that goes to the gym? Training with friends is more enjoyable and motivating

Tips for reducing the cost of your gym membership

Once you’ve considered these 5 key points and have created a shortlist of gyms that meet your needs, it’s time to look seriously at the cost! Here are a few tips on how to keep your gym membership costs to a minimum:

Tip #1: Take up the offer of a free trial period or even pay slightly more for a short term contract while you take the gym for a test drive. Even though a short term gym membership costs more, it’s better than paying for 12 months that you may not use.

Tip #2: Consider a long term contract once you’re confident it’s the right gym for you. As long as you’re going to stay for the duration, they are usually much cheaper.

Tip #3: If you have private health insurance, ask your gym about discounts. Many insurers support discounted gym membership. Check out our blog post for more information relating to health insurance discounts.

Tip #4: Gyms are regularly waiving joining fees or giving ‘free’ periods so be patient. Stay connected with your preferred gym through their social media pages or check out our latest offers page to see which gyms currently have deals.

Tip #5: Don’t get sucked into an offer from another gym that doesn’t quite meet your needs. You’ll regret it and waste your money as you won’t achieve what you set out to do.

Tip #6: If you have friends interested in joining a gym, ask about ‘refer a friend’ discounts. Training with your friends is more fun, motivating and can be cheaper!

Cost Summary by Major Gym Brand

Our table below provides a summary of the cost of taking out a gym membership with many of the gyms across Australia. The value of a gym is more than the cost so use this information with care when making your choice of gym. Cheapest doesn’t always mean the best when it comes to your individual fitness needs. For a more complete review of gyms in your area and the services they provide, enter your address or suburb on our search page. It’s so easy to suss out gyms!

1 Includes joining costs, access card fees, etc as disclosed on each gym’s website. Does not include special offers.

2 Gym costs calculated on a monthly basis as disclosed on each gyms website. Often, these monthly fees have been converted from weekly, fortnightly or annual fees for ease of comparison. Does not include special offers. Fees can change by location so always confirm with the gym prior to joining.