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General Guides

Our gym guides aim to provide you with tips on how to maximize the value of your gym membership and set you up for success in achieving your health and fitness goals.

The Minimum Age to Join a Gym

There are guidelines in Australia with regards to what various age groups should and shouldn't be allowed to do when training at a gym. In addition, each gym has its own policy on the minimum joining age they allow and any related restrictions. This article summaries those guidelines and policies to help you stay informed.


Gym Membership Costs

Great 'deals' and flashy marketing campaigns often entice people to join, but if the gym doesn't provide what you need, it will be a waste of money no matter how cheap it is. This article helps you maximise the value from your gym investment. It also provides a summary table with pricing of entry level memberships with each of the major gyms in Australia including start-up costs.


Finding The Best Gym

With so many gyms, it can be a daunting task deciding which one to join. Each gym focuses on providing different equipment and training styles that they believe will deliver the best results for their clients. Unsurprisingly, not all people are the same and a gym that works perfectly for one person can be a disaster for another. This article is designed to help you better understand what to look for when deciding on the best gym for your specific needs.


Tips For Staying Motivated At The Gym

To be successful in achieving your fitness goals, you need to be motivated. Your level of motivation is the balance of your desire to achieve your goal after being offset by the negative impact of all the things that are required to make it happen. This article focuses on tips for helping you maintain a positive level of motivation.


Gym Discounts Through Your Health Insurance

The cost of a gym membership can be significant, especially if you decide to join a full-service health club or want small-group personal training style sessions. This article focuses on ways you could decrease the cost of your membership using your private health insurance.