Suss Out Gyms is currently unavailable.

The Suss Out Gyms service has been shut down until further notice.

5 years ago, I set out to provide a service that gave everyone free access to all the information they needed to decide which gym was right for their needs. I was frustrated watching people choose a gym based on fancy marketing messages and special offers rather than a gym they actually enjoyed going to and achieved the results they were after. I wanted a service that allowed EVERY gym to be listed, not just the ones with the biggest marketing budgets so prospective members could find their perfect training partner.

Without support from the big gym brands, I documented over 3,000 gyms from all across Australia and created free listings for each allowing consumers to find a gym in their local area that met all their financial, lifestyle and training needs. As you can imagine, this was a huge task to create and then maintain those listings.

Unfortunately, to keep a service like Suss Out Gyms operating, I needed assistance from the big gym brands to allow me to keep all the listings up to date. Given that more than 10,000 people a month were searching and reaching out to gyms through Suss Out Gyms, I thought the gyms would at least help me keep that information up to date. After all, I was doing this at no cost to them or consumers. Unfortunately, not only did they refuse to help, some actually demanded to be removed from the service as they didn't want their gyms, pricing and services to be compared against other gyms that provided better value or suitability for consumers.

As a result of the lack of assistance from major gym brands and the demands of some of these gyms, I have made the sad decision to shut down Suss Out Gyms at least temporarily and possibly for good.

Thanks to everyone in Australia that has used the site over the last 5 years to find the best gym for their needs and provide essential reviews of gyms for prospective new members.

Lastly, please remember not to join a gym purely based on price. A low fee gym that you don't go to is still a massive waste of money. Best to potentially pay a little more but enjoy your training experience and achieve your health and fitness goals. There are so many great gyms and gym owners in Austalia and there is bound to be one near you. You just need to find it. Don't give up and good luck!

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